TCA Peel

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TCA Peel Use For
10% Face & Dark Circles 6 Days
15% Face 7 Days
20% Face & Body 8 Days
25% Body 9 Days
30% Body Only 10 Days

TCA Peel is the storngest type and the most effective chemical peel penetrates skin at a deeper level. It treats several skin concerns at once. After the tca, The skin will appear frosty white, and then it will turn a red before turning dark brown four days later and then peeling off within seven to ten days, new radiant will appear. There are several TCA peel percentages to fit skin problems:

TCA Peel 10%

This is the lightest strength TCA peel and the best for darker skin, sensitive skin, private areas, dark circles and first time users. It is a great option for skin lightening and tightening. After a 10% TCA peel, skin appears brighter, firmer and more even in texture and tone. The recovery time is shorter in comparison with higher strength peels. Used for: very sensitive skin, acne, skin discoloration after chemical peel, dark circles under eyes and lips.

TCA Peel 15%

Medium-depth face peel for combination skin penetrates deeper than lighter strength. 15% TCA peel brightens skin and reduces hyperpigmentation, melasma & sun damage. TCA improves skin tone, texture and increases skin elasticity & hydration. Multiple peels are necessary to see significant changes in the appearance of skin. Used for: sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation, aging skin and acne scars.

TCA Peel 20%

This is a deep chemical peel for face formulated for people with wrinkless, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Higher concentrations result in deeper peels. The 20% TCA is not recommended for those with a little or no experience. Also, This is the best body peel for those with darker or sensetive skin. Used for: normal skin, wrinkles, acne scars & hyperpigmentation.

TCA Peel 30%

A deep chemical peel for body. Not including private areas. TCA 30% penetrate deeper than other peels. The higher the concentration, the deeper the peel. TCA treats wrinkles, scars and other skin concern. Recovery time, skin takes six to thirteen days to heal. Hydroquinone cream is an alternative to tca peel especially for those with hyperpigmentation.

TCA Peel Use For Downtime
40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 100% Not approporite for use N/A


  • 5
    20% tca peel

    Posted by Camila on 10th Jun 2020

    I would recommend the 20 percent tca peel over a higher number. I keep it on my skin for 1-2 min the first time. Usually it takes 3 days or so. Also I do use moisturizer for sensitive skin every morning and night to recover faster. Go to and do your research if you have never done this peel.

  • 5
    Powerful peel!

    Posted by Ginny on 16th May 2020

    Love tca peel! I purchased this a few months ago and delayed reviewing until I could use it several times and evaluate the results. I had great results with this tca peel 20%. I knew how to use the peel and care for my skin afterward. Also, use caution because this stuff is the real deal.

  • 3
    I have tried this tca 30%

    Posted by RITA on 23rd Apr 2020

    The downtime takes longer than i expected. I do not prefer the 30%

  • 5
    Made my skin thicker

    Posted by Reem on 9th Apr 2020

    I use it almost monthly, it peels my skin. every time i see my skin getting thicker. This is basically what i want.

  • 5
    TCA Peel 15%

    Posted by Kelly on 26th Mar 2020

    I think this is the better peel percentage that i have ordered. Works almost for every skin area. I recommend this percentage for everyone.

  • 4
    TCA Peel 20%

    Posted by Megan on 29th Feb 2020

    Does the job

  • 3
    TCA the strongest

    Posted by Sarah on 25th Feb 2020

    Yes, TCA peel is the strongest peel. I recommended 15% TCA